professional snowboard lessons in Kirchberg

Certified snowboard instructors - trained according to the latest ÖSSV guidelines - teach at our Snowboard Academy. Whether you are a beginner or experienced freerider, we have the right program for you. On a Friday morning we even offer a two-hour snowboard
tryout for € 35 so that you can get a taste for it.

Our course offer

Class 4: Our qualified ski instructors will familiarize you with all the snowboard basics. Course content includes balance training and skid and control exercises. Nothing stands in the way of the first drift swings on blue slopes!

Class 3: In this course, the drifting momentum is consolidated and refined. The trainer works with you on a rhythmic and smooth movement, first jumps are tried.

Class 2: Now it is time to learn the different radii, tripping and control techniques. We experiment with centrifugal force, we work on movement, speed and safety. Our objective: first pist tricks in the snow park and in the halfpipe.

Class 1: This is about perfection. If you want to carve on a slope or shine in the fun park with some cool tricks, you're in the right place on this course. The participants can expect a lot of fun and action. In safe conditions, exciting deep snow experiences beckon.

Just pure fun

Our price ranges from 75 € (1 day) to 225 € (4 days). For a corresponding surcharge, we also offer private lessons. More information is available directly from us in the ski school Kirchberg near Kitzbühel.