Equipment: Important Info for Beginners:




A maneuverable board is particularly important for beginners. That's why the length of the board shouldn't be greater than chin-high.




Binding Position:


There are basically two positions for riding a board

1.) Regular = left foot forward

2.) Goofy = right foot forward


Our snowboard instructors know exactly how to help you find the position that's ideal for you.


Tip: free leg is at the back!


Distance between Bindings:


... is dependent on skill level, body size and exactly where/how you plan on boarding (freestyle, downhill, etc.). The general rule of thumb for binding position is that you should retain as much freedom of motion as possible in the hips, knees and ankles.


Snowboard Boots:


It's important that beginners not choose boots that are too hard - that insures that you'll be able to transfer weight and motion to the board as efficiently as possible.


Snowboard Clothing:


In addition to keeping you warm, clothing should also be funcitonal, allowing you plenty of freedom of movement.